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What is the Minority Student Leadership Program (MSLP) ?

The Minority Student Leadership Program (MSLP) is a nonpartisan organization tailored to teaching political and social engagement to the next generation of diverse leaders by navigating the political apparatus and forging lifelong bonds.

MSLP focuses on marginalized communities that have difficulty breaking into the sphere of political engagement. MSLP was founded in 2017 by BASIS Independent McLean High School  student Kareem Baig, as a way to bring together minority high school students from across the Commonwealth at an annual conference focusing on mentorship, leadership trainings, interactions with elected officials, and skills development.

What is MSLP Conference?

The MSLP Conference brings together a diverse group of high school students, with a passion for politics and public service, together for a 4 day annual conference to prepare the next generation of Virginia’s political leaders.

The Conference focuses on workshops led by experts on public speaking, learning from local, state, and federal elected officials from across the Commonwealth on how to get involved, networking, how to secure internships and opportunities in government, writing legislation and touring the Virginia state capitol in Richmond, Virginia.

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